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International Fertility Academy

Gain skills and Transform your Fertility practice in a meaningful way!

International Fertility Academy offers content that is rich in valuable insights brought to you by Medical professionals. Professionals have years of academic and active working knowledge in the area of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Infertility Management. Furthermore, International fertility academy delivers lectures that are practical and knowledge-driven and designed to transform your practice.

How does Continuous Medical Education happen today?

We live in a face passed world today and as doctors even more so. However, there is no doubt that the opportunities for learning have increased multifold, one can read a book, download literature from the internet, attend a conference to name a few easier said than done.

  • "Which book does one read?"
  • "Read a book!!!! – I don’t have the time?"
  • "Moreover, don’t know which article to read, they all seem to give conflicting views."
  • "However, I can’t attend so many conferences and even there I don’t know which lecture is good or which speaker is brilliant.

These are only some of the dilemmas which plague you as doctor in the quest of knowledge.

Advantages of Online Fertility Training

The biggest advantage of an online training module is the convenience of learning at your * Own pace * Own choice of time and the opportunity to * Repeat the module as many times as it takes for you to understand.


Learn Any Time

Moreover, upgrade your working knowledge of infertility management anytime anywhere. Pause, Rewind learn on your schedule.


Stay Up-to-date

However, bringing all the latest on ART Therapy, IVF Technology, and New practices and research in ART. Tap into the first-ever online resource in ART

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Learn with Experts

Furthermore, instructors are active in their field and passionate about sharing the most up-to-date content and insights. Connect with mentors who have assimilated years of working

Why International Fertility Academy?

  • Meticulous choice of content and authors with guidelines for preparing each lecture for maintaining high quality.
  • However, the teaching is not restricted to videos but to giving additional information attached to each lecture like for example consent forms, discharge certificates, and patient information leaflets
  • Furthermore, the website would provide links to the best and most recent articles related to each topic that would be appearing in leading fertility journals across the world.
  • Moreover, a variety of national and international faculty bringing their teaching and knowledge to the platform.
  • Discussion forum for discussing day to day problems which would be a group involving all faculty and students
  • Moreover, there is probably no other online fertility training program that provided the most up-to-date knowledge resource on ART in an easy and accessible platform.